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Welcome aboard,,,

VATSIM West Asia Division, also known as VATWA, a subsidiary of VATSIM Asia region, welcomes you on board with pure Asian hospitality, from the land of Himalayas in the North, towards the tropical islands in the South, comprising of 8 countries in West Asia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Maldives.

On VATSIM network, you can takeup the challenge as pilot and experience some of the dangerous approaches in West Asia, a few of them are Gilgit/OPGT, Skardu/OPSD, Chitral/OPCH in Pakistan, Lengpui/VELP, Calicut/VOCL, Mangalore/VOML & Leh/VILH in India, Kathmandu/VNKT, Lukla/VNLK in Nepal & Paro/VQPR in Bhutan. You can also join the ATC squad in the active vACCs of West Asia.

See you on radar,,,

Raihan Shahzad
Division Director VATWA1


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