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Welcome aboard,,,

VATSIM West Asia Division, also known as VATWA, a subsidiary of VATSIM Asia Pacific region, welcomes you on board with pure Asian hospitality, from the land of Himalayas in the North, towards the tropical islands in the South, comprising of 8 countries in West Asia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Maldives.

On VATSIM network, you can take-up the challenge as pilot and experience some of the dangerous approaches in West Asia, a few of them are Gilgit/OPGT, Skardu/OPSD, Chitral/OPCH in Pakistan, Lengpui/VELP, Calicut/VOCL, Mangalore/VOML & Leh/VILH in India, Kathmandu/VNKT, Lukla/VNLK in Nepal & Paro/VQPR in Bhutan. You can also join the ATC squad in the active vACCs of West Asia.

See you on radar,,,

Raihan Shahzad
Division Director VATWA1


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