Asia_W_FSS Controllers

Here is the list of Approved FSS controllers for West Asia Flight Service Station.

If you are interested to open West Asia FSS, please read West Asia Operational Guide here, and to get endorsement, open support ticket at HQ here, support ticket to be assigned to West Asia Division staff (VATSIM SSO Login required to access HQ). In case HQ is not accessible then please send an email to VATWA1 & VATWA2 for endorsement.

Vatsim ID Name FSS Position ATC Rating ATC Type
901134 Stefopoulos, Anastasios Petros ASIA_W_FSS Administrator Visitor
974215 Larkin, James ASIA_W_FSS Controller Visitor
1011061 Koranteng, John ASIA_W_FSS Controller Visitor
1081728 Marriott, Chris ASIA_W_FSS Senior Instructor Visitor
1102697 Mille, Imal ASIA_W_FSS Senior Instructor Resident
1109486 Shamsudeen, Saifudeen ASIA_W_FSS Instructor Resident
1145162 Anjum, Mateen Ali ASIA_W_FSS Instructor Resident
1146085 Windels, Dieter ASIA_W_FSS Controller Visitor
1154119 Thakkar, Mrinal ASIA_W_FSS Senior Controller Resident
1161373 Rahman, Jesil ASIA_W_FSS Senior Controller Resident
1194659 Cooke, Alan ASIA_W_FSS Administrator Visitor
1196485 Jackson, Che ASIA_W_FSS Senior Instructor Visitor
1208205 Shahzad, Raihan ASIA_W_FSS Controller Resident
1213180 Parikh, Janam ASIA_W_FSS Instructor Resident
1217255 Galgali, Shrikar ASIA_W_FSS Senior Controller Resident
1234856 Jiong Sheng, Hoo ASIA_W_FSS Instructor Visitor
1260885 Gnath, Sachin ASIA_W_FSS Senior Controller Resident
1292706 Chui, Oscar ASIA_W_FSS Supervisor Visitor
1292983 Lee, Hwayong ASIA_W_FSS Controller Visitor
1303668 Imran, Shujaa ASIA_W_FSS Supervisor Resident
1306312 Murdoch, Brodie ASIA_W_FSS Supervisor Resident
1306415 Klosowski, Chriss ASIA_W_FSS Senior Instructor Visitor
1307332 Ahmed, Afaqq ASIA_W_FSS Controller Resident
1326158 Zhang, Hongye ASIA_W_FSS Senior Controller Visitor
1330819 Cobos, Juan Pablo ASIA_W_FSS Senior Instructor Visitor
1340265 Yan, Junzhe ASIA_W_FSS Controller Visitor
1342084 Micallef, Joshua ASIA_W_FSS Instructor Visitor
1344387 Schroder, Peter ASIA_W_FSS Controller Visitor
1344871 Khandoker, Rhone ASIA_W_FSS Instructor Visitor
1354481 Manna, Debadri ASIA_W_FSS Controller Resident
1370466 Johnson, Daniel ASIA_W_FSS Controller Visitor
1374915 Dong, Ken ASIA_W_FSS Instructor Visitor
1376159 Brown, Bailey ASIA_W_FSS Supervisor Visitor
1378014 Green, Lincoln ASIA_W_FSS Instructor Visitor
1382058 Scott-white, Timothy ASIA_W_FSS Controller Visitor
1386905 Snowden, Eli ASIA_W_FSS Controller Visitor
1394163 Cevallos, Gabriel ASIA_W_FSS Senior Instructor Visitor

Residents West Asia Controllers
Visitors Non-West Asia Controllers