CPT Examination Policy

Following CPT documents are to be compiled by authorized vACC staff for Students appearing to attempt CPT; applicable for Student 2 (S2), Senior Student (S3) & Enroute Controller (C1); Word document (DOCX) to be converted to PDF, uploaded to ATSimTest.com under student’s profile and vACC recommendation to be added for rating upgrade.

  1. For S1 rating, a vACC recommendation by authorized staff is sufficient in a member’s profile at ATSimTest for rating upgrade.
  2. CPT for S2, S3, C1 to be completed within the stipulated time (expiry date) of theory examination at ATSimTest.
  3. In case student is not able to attempt the CPT within expiry date of theory test, student has to re-attempt theory test at ATSimTest after getting another token issued from vACC staff.

Once the above process is completed, an email shall be sent to Division Director & Deputy Division Director for further process.

V1.2, policy updated 15th June 2020 1745z (S1 rating policy, CPT to be conducted within Expiry Date of Theory Test at ATSimTest), by VATWA1
V1.1, policy updated 11th June 2020 2105z (Template file name revised), by VATWA1
V1.0, policy created 9th June 2020 1556z (CPT Examination Policy created & published), by VATWA1

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