To join West Asia official Discord Server, please follow the given instructions:

  1. Flying and Controlling is a fun hobby. Please leave all your worries and tensions outside the server.
  2. Please use your Registered VATSIM Name followed by your VATSIM ID as your Server Nickname.
    For Example: John Doe – 1234567, after your nickname is verified by a vACC or Division Staff, you will get access to the server according to your status. Please allow 24-48 hours to get the server access.
    vACC Staff can use their Staff ID as the Suffix. For Example : John Doe – ACCIND1
  3. Division members will get full access as per their respective vACC and Division visitors will get limited access.
  4. VATSIM CoC & CoR are enforced on the server.
  5. Advocating Piracy directly or indirectly is strictly prohibited and can result in Temporary/Permanent Ban from the server.
  6. All Server Invites to be done by the Invite link https://discord.gg/VwkqGXN
  7. Failure to abide any of the above rules can result into removal of the user from the server.