To join West Asia official Discord Server, please follow the given instructions:

  1. To join West Asia Discord server, please ensure your email is verified on Discord account.
  2. Flying and Controlling is a fun hobby. Please leave all your worries and tensions outside the server.
  3. Navigate to https://community.vatsim.net and connect your Discord account with VATSIM West Asia Discord server which can be found in Servers link.
  4. To confirm that you joined the VATSIM West Asia Discord server successfully, navigate to Joined link in left menu. You will find VATSIM West Asia discord server listed here.
  5. In case you want to edit your username for VATSIM West Asia Discord server, click on Edit Username and select one of available options
    • Full Name – CID
    • First Name – CID
    • CID Only
  6. By completing the above process, you have joined the VATSIM West Asia Discord server, please allow 24-48 hours for VATWA staff to verify your vACC/Division to assign you Discord role.
  7. VATSIM BOG/Region/Division/vACC Staff can use their Staff ID as the Suffix. Please inform the VATWA staff about your designation to rename your nickname as per your designation. For Example : Raihan Shahzad – VATWA1
  8. Division members will get full access as per their respective vACC and Division visitors will get limited access.
  9. VATSIM CoC & CoR are enforced on the server.
  10. Advocating Piracy directly or indirectly is strictly prohibited and can result in Temporary/Permanent Ban from the server.
  11. Failure to abide any of the above rules can result into removal of the user from the server.