Flight Service Station Operations Guide

POL-OPS-FSS V2.1 Eff. 04-01-2024 [Flight Service Operations Guide]

Introduction to West Asia FSS

West Asia Division operates a singular Flight Service Station. This particular Flight Service Station also known as West Asia FSS is aimed to promote activity levels over a larger geographic area. West Asia Flight Service Station provides coverage above 24,500 feet over the following countries. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Joining Requirements for Residents/Visitors

West Asia Flight Service Station is an endorsement position. Members wishing to obtain such endorsement must qualify and meet the following requirements

  • Must hold a minimum rating of Enroute Controller (C1).
  • Have logged a minimum of 100 hours connect as either an Enroute or FSS Controller within their home division or subdivision
  • Have not been removed from the FSS Roster within the past 90 days of roster removal.

Members who qualify and meet the above requirements are requested to submit a support ticket to Divisional Staff via the HQ System https://hq.vatwa.net/

Roster Maintain Requirements for Residents/Visitors

Periodically Division Staff will conduct a Roster Maintain check to ensure endorsed controllers are active and providing regular services to hold the endorsement.

  • Endorsed Controllers shall log a minimum of 5 Hours per Quarter (Every 3 Months, Jan-Mar/Apr-Jun/Jul-Sep/Oct-Dec)

If a member is unable to maintain such requirements. The member is invited to submit a support ticket in advance to request an LOA / Extension / Exempt from the above requirements. Failure to submit a ticket or meet the above requirements will result in the endorsement being revoked. Exemptions are also made on a case by case concept.

Flight Service Station Details

  • Radio Name: West Asia Control
  • Position Callsign: ASIA_W_FSS
  • Position Frequency: 135.400 MHz
  • Airspace Classification: Class A
  • Airspace Limits: FL245-FL600

Flight Service Station Area Coverage

The following FIRs are covered by West Asia Flight Service Station

  • OAKX: Kabul
  • OPKR: Karachi
  • OPLR: Lahore
  • VABF: Mumbai
  • VCCF: Colombo
  • VECF: Kolkata
  • VEGF: Guwahati
  • VGFR: Dhaka
  • VIDF: Delhi
  • VNSM: Kathmandu
  • VOMF: Chennai
  • VRMF: Male

How the Flight Service Station Works

  • This Controller position is only available for flights at FL245 (24,500 ft) or above. Any aircraft below this level not already being covered by a Sector Center or Approach Controller will be Outside Controlled Airspace and Unicom procedures apply.
  • Unlike a normal CTR position providing services in Class G airspace, a FSS controller cannot provide any ATC service to any aircraft below FL245.
  • If any “normal” _CTR position opens, within the airspace of ASIA_W_FSS, the super sector controller relinquishes that airspace, and any associated airspace to the _CTR position in order to ensure the maximum effectiveness use of airspace (i.e., a _CTR can continue to “extend” coverage as per normal in order to facilitate services to a pilot.
  • The squawk range for this position will be 2600 – 2677. The frequency to be used will be 135.400 and the FSS can be covered with 1 Visibility center VOHS with visibility range of 1500 NM.

VFR Flights

  • VFR flights are not required to contact West Asia Control nor do we expect them to contact as max altitude to operate a VFR flight is FL180 (18,000 ft). If you are VFR at a featured airport, you are required to monitor the Unicom frequency for circuits, remaining in the pattern.
  • VFR outbound within a featured airport can expect services up to Tower airspace. VFR outbound not within a featured airport can expect to monitor the Unicom frequency.

FSS Approved Controllers & Statistics

Click here to see the list of approved FSS Controllers and Statistics for West Asia FSS.

Sector File Download

Download Asia_W_FSS sector file here. We are aware that the file is outdated. We are actively working on a new file.

Accordance with GCAP and GRP Policies 

  • In accordance with GCAP Appendix C: Transitional Arrangements. West Asia FSS has been issued a temporary super center designation.
  • In accordance with Division and Region Arrangements. West Asia FSS remains subjective to the VATSIM GRP Policy until such time the Division transitions into GCAP.