VATWA Statistics Center v1.3 Update

Hello Everyone, VATWA Statistics Center v1.3 is open now and accessible via through Vatsim Connect.

Statistics are fetched from VATSIM servers for each member associated with VATWA and its subsidiaries as Resident or Visitor once every 24 hrs, fetched data is compiled every 15 minutes and updated in Statistics Center. During downtime in SEP, OCT & NOV’21, some of data was not retrieved, though we have successfully retrieved the data and updated the statistics.

Therefore, if any concerned member noted any error in statistics, can reach Director VATWA via email director[at] to rectify the error. Further, Statistics reports on monthly basis will not be shared here anymore, interested members can view them in the Statistics Center as usual.

Pakistan vACC Announcement

Hello everyone with immediate effect, Pakistan vACC Open Skies agreement is terminated on 5th Dec 2021 – 2000z. Pakistan vACC Operations resumption plan will announced soon by Pakistan vACC staff. In the meantime, all queries related to Pakistan vACC shall be directed to Director Pakistan vACC – [ACCPAK1] Rashid Raikhy via official email director[at] or via VATWA HQ support ticket system.


Raihan, VATWA1

VATSIM West Asia Division Announces ACCPAK1 Appointment

Dear all,

Please join us in congratulating Rashid Raikhy on his appointment as ACCPAK1 – Director Pakistan vACC. Rashid is very passionate member at Pakistan vACC, having keen interest in the flight simulation hobby, actively participating in ATC services and assisting Pakistan vACC operations in sector development for ATC client.

Rashid, welcome aboard and congratulations on your new role!

Pakistan vACC will be placed into Open Skies

With immediate effect, Pakistan vACC will be placed into Open Skies as of Monday 4th October 2021. Please note the following notations as the information provided is very important.

1. ATC Training will be temporary suspended under the Open Skies Agreement for all new students and students wishing to obtain further ratings.

2. The division will carry out pending CPTs and anyone currently under training will proceed as planned.

3. Sector Files will continue to be developed under the Division and the current Pakistan Operations Team

4. Events will be carried out for upcoming CPTs, Silk Road and World Flight

5. Existing Visiting Controllers will be subjected to an activity check on November 1st. Please read the agreement of whats required to maintain visiting status

6. All visiting controllers are required to maintain an hourly requirement. Information on this is contained within the Agreement. Please have a read of the agreement as all required information is contained under the Open Skies Agreement for Pakistan vACC.

Thank you


Document Link: Pakistan_Open_Skies_Agreement_2021.pdf (

VATSIM West Asia Division Announces ACCBGD1 Appointment!

And in continuation with the previous announcement we are proudly announcing the appointment of Tanveer Yasser – 1009883 as Director vACC Bangladesh – ACCBGD1. Tanveer is a VATSIM member since 2007 and one of the senior member at VATWA, he currently holds a Senior Controller (C3) rating and has previous work on staff positions at other vACCs as well as supported ATC training being Instructor rated controller.

We are glad to have Tanveer on board as VATWA team member, welcome and all the best for Bangladesh vACC!

VATSIM West Asia Division Announces Bangladesh vACC Establishment!

It is another great day at VATSIM West Asia (VATWA) to proudly announce the establishment of Bangladesh vACC (ACCBGD) officially while ending a long period of having an Open Skies status.

Bangladesh vACC is 5th sub division and today getting Active status in VATWA along with India vACC, Nepal vACC, Pakistan vACC and Sri Lanka & Maldives vACC; members interested to join ACCBGD will require to open support ticket at VATWA HQ; and prior to submitting transfer request, please read and follow the transfer guidelines stated at

Bangladesh vACC website is accessible at; for more updates/announcements, please follow ACCBGD website and VATWA Discord server.