Currently following vacancy is available at VATWA, follow the details to apply before deadline, email your application to jobs(at)



The Divisional Conflict Resolution Manager (DCRM) holds a powerful position. Subject to CoR §6.07, the DCRM reviews each case, if disciplinary action is required and determines if any suspension and in rare cases even expulsion, shall be imposed for the alleged infraction. The successful candidate is expected to be able to commit for at least 2 years and the applicant should take this into consideration before applying.

REPORTS TO: Division Director, VATWA1
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Divisional Conflict Resolution


  • Divisional Conflict Resolution
  • Reports cases outcome and decisions to the Division Director (VATWA1) and Regional Director (VATASIA1)


  • Shall have at least a basic ATC experience, ideal candidate will hold at least a C1 rating
  • Must be a member in good standing within VATSIM network with a clean record
  • Must have very good knowledge of VATSIM Regulations (CoRCoC etc.)
  • Expected to act in a reasonable time (within 24 hours) of DCRM cases.
  • Previous staff roles or other experience of Conflict Resolution desirable but not mandatory.
  • Ability to communicate with different people of different cultures.
  • Fluent in English language.

All applicants must meet the requisite requirements before applying. Applications shall be sent to VATWA Staff jobs(at) in a CV format stating your experience.

Last date to submit application November 23rd 2018 18z.


VATSIM West Asia division is seeking applications for the position of India vACC Director – ACCIND1.

We are looking for applicants that feel they can fulfill the following duties:

  • Oversee daily operations
  • Publicise and arrange ATC for events
  • Act as a spokesperson for India vACC

In addition, the successful candidate should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Currently holding a controller rating of C1 or Above and having a good disciplinary record on VATSIM
  • Availability of 5 hours per week for administrative tasks
  • Familiar with the ATC procedures within India vACC
  • Have a regular online presence
  • Demonstrable leadership experience and ability
  • Fluent English

If you’re interested in the post, and meet the requirements above then send us an email with CV to jobs(at) including details of your VATSIM experience & any ideas you may have for making vACC active moving forward.

Last date to submit application: October 25th 2018 18z