West Asia FSS Operational Guide

West Asia FSS Operational Guide


The VATWA Flight Service Station is an Air Traffic Control Facility created by VATSIM Asia Region to promote traffic and activity. This position covers all of VATSIM West Asia Sector.  The countries covered are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka Above FL245 when underlying controllers are not connected but if the traffic permits especially during events or group flights, FSS controllers can provide top down coverage as the main intention of this FSS is to provide maximum ATC coverage in the VATWA Airspace.


  • To provide overflight ATC in West Asia.
  • To attract pilots to come back to the Division which hopefully will make it more active.
  • To attract more members to fly in West Asia which in turn may attract more vACC’s to become active.


  • The radio-telephony callsign for ASIA_W_FSS is: “West Asia Control”  We simply use the _FSS suffix to enable us to have the extended range of cover. Just like EuroControl, Russian and African services.


  • Qualify for a “Special Endorsement” conducted for VATWA FSS.
  • Hold a permanent VATSIM rating of Enroute Controller (C1) or above.
  • Applicants are expected to have significant experience on their local CTRs prior to considering or submitting an application for visiting controller status.


How it works
  • This Controller position is only available for flights Above FL245. Any aircraft below this level not already being covered by a Sector Center or Approach Controller will be Outside Controlled Airspace and Unicom procedures apply. However if the traffic permits especially during events or group flights FSS controllers can provide top down coverage.
  • Unlike a normal CTR position providing services in Class G airspace, a FSS controller cannot provide any ATC service to any aircraft below FL245. If the traffic permits especially during events or group flights FSS controllers can provide top down coverage.
  • If any “normal” _CTR position opens, within the airspace of ASIA_W_FSS, the super sector controller relinquishes that airspace, and any associated airspace to the _CTR position in order to ensure the maximum effectiveness use of airspace (i.e., a _CTR can continue to “extend” coverage as per normal in order to facilitate services to a pilot.
  • The squawk range for this position will be 2600 – 2677. The frequency to be used, will be 135.400 and the FSS can be covered with 1 Visibility center VOHS.
  • West Asia control will cover following sectors VABF, VIDF, VOMF, VECF, VEGF, VGFR, VRMF, VCCF, VNSM, OPKR, OPLR & OAKX.


VFR Flights
  • VFR flights are not required to contact West Asia Control nor do we expect them to contact as max altitude to operate a VFR flight is 18000 ft. If you are VFR at a featured airport, you are required to monitor the Unicom frequency for circuits, remaining in the pattern.
  • VFR outbound within a featured airport can expect services up to Tower airspace. VFR outbound not within a featured airport can expect to monitor the unicom frequency.
  • If the FSS controller is providing top down coverage to the active departure or arrival airport then the controller is required to provide coverage for VFR traffic.


  • Contact VATWA staff team